As a student of Hartselle Art Studio and Gallery, I LOVE IT! I have been involved with HASG for over 9 years and I will continue to be a part of it as long as I can! Mrs. Michele made me not only a greater art student, but a greater person. She fully prepared me for classes that I am now taking in college and challenged me to become a better artist. I cannot stress enough how amazing not only the studio, but the teacher is!



Megan F.

My daughters were involved in art early as a result of attending a magnet school program.  However,  in middle school they moved to a school which had no art offered.  I heard about the classes Michelle had,  at the time offered in her home.  And so we began taking lessons.  As her student base grew,  she moved out of her home and we moved along with her. My daughter , Jamie left in the tenth grade to pursue art at Alabama School of Fine Arts inBirmingham,  and received a scholarship to attend Carnegie Mellon University where she is a senior in the BFA program.  My other daughter continued to take lessons from Michelle,  and is a senior at Auburn where her major is MechanicalEngineering.

I want to emphasize-  Michelle not only teaches art-  she prepares children in many other ways.  She nurtures their spirits.  She encourages them to explore all they are capable of achieving .  She provides them a safe environment to be creative.   Thank you Michelle for teaching and nurturing the children ( and adults) who are lucky enough to work with you!

Kathy E.

Ms. Michele is the best art teacher around!  She not only cares about the students art ability, but she cares about them personally

Anita H.

We are beginning our 8th year with Hartselle Art Studio. My son and my granddaughter have attended classes with Michele since they were early elementary age students. This has been such a wonderful part of their lives. They look forward to each class! Their art skills have progressed remarkably through the years. Michele teaches so many creative ways to express themselves artistically. The inspiration they receive in her classes has been a benefit to them that is priceless!

Sheri S.

We have taken Ms. Michele’s art classes for about 6 years now.  I can’t say enough good things about HASG!  Michele is not only a great artist, but she has a heart for teaching…she’s so sweet and patient, but also encourages the kids to do it themselves, even when they don’t think they can.  She doesn’t just “do it for them” when they are struggling.  Our kids have made amazing strides in their art over the last years, and I owe it to Michele.

Marsha B.